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Web Support Portal »  Biographies »  Clinical Fellow
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Add a Clinical Fellow
  • Haro GregThis form is for adding clinical fellows new to UCSF
  • Obtain a portrait headshot from the fellow.
  • Resize and crop the image to 144 wide x 192 tall. See instructions.
  • Ensure the image filename has this format [lastname], [firstname.jpg or .png. Ex Jones, John.jpg  Rename the file if necessary
  • Ensure you have the person's username from UCSF Profiles and authorname(s) because it is needed for this form.
Person Filling out Form

About the Clinical Fellow

Format: John L. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, MPH

Headshot Image

UCSF Profiles Information
Format: jones.roger - Please confirm at UCSF Profiles
Format: Jones D,Jones DL - Please do not enter author names /without usernames
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