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Guidelines and Instructions

  • Do you have a UCSF Profile? You can verify this at the UCSF Profiles website. If so please provide the following when submitting a bio:

Profile Username: firstname.lastname eg. richard.jones
Publication Author Name(s) in the following format:  Jones D, Jones DR 

  • The Department of Surgery includes PubMed publications (as well as Awards and Honors)  from your UCSF profile on surgery biographies. These are updated at 4 a.m. Thus, if you manually add publications or you are emailed a link to newly posted biography, there is a one-day delay in pubs being displayed on your surgery biography. 
  • Faculty, Residents, Clinical Fellows, Post Docs, and Clinical Instructors automatically have a UCSF profile created for them with a username per the format above. You can verify this at the UCSF Profiles website. If you are new to UCSF, this could take several weeks and is generally an HR issue. If you are showing in the UCSF Directory and still don’t have a profile page, contact [email protected] to report it.
  • Research Scientists, Specialists, Technicians, SRAs and Nurses are not automatically given UCSF Profiles. This is because it is difficult for UCSF Profiles to get permission from the relevant governing body and the variation in HR title codes across research positions. If you do not have a UCSF profile, your current or future publications will not be shown on your surgery bio. UCSF Profiles encourages you to request a profile if you have published or intend to publish. Please email [email protected] and request a UCSF profile be created for you. Please include your employee ID in the email and cc: [email protected] with this request.

How To Verify Accuracy in Your UCSF Profile

You should check your profile ASAP and periodically to ensure that your publications are accurate and complete. 

The matching algorithm used by UCSF Profiles is occasionally overly aggressive and/or under-inclusive of actual publications, particularly if you have a common name, eg. Wang, Smith, Xu, Patel. Changes/updates may be made manually to publications in your profile. Sign in on your page using your MyAccess credentials.  Over time, USCF Profiles learns about and integrates your co-authors and published subject areas into its algorithm. It gives additional weight to publications you curate manually in its matching algorithm.

Please see FAQs  to learn more.

This summary was reviewed by UCSF Profiles on 9/8/2016.

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