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Verifying Board Certifications

Faculty may directly verify their membership in an ABMS Board

However, please not note the following:

  • Being "board eligible" is not the same thing as being board-certified and should never be listed on a formal website biography.
  • Foreign board certifications other than Canada are also prohibited on public websites in the State of California
  • Board certification is separate from medical licensing. Medical licensing is not a part of the faculty biography.

Alternatively, you may determine certifictions using the following procedure

Click on the following link: Is your doctor certified?

  1. Enter Search Criteria and press search
  2. Once you initiate a search you will be asked for the following. Please login as follows:

    Password: surgery
  3. Write down the board certifications and match to the checkboxes provided on the form.

If your faculty's board certification is not listed at ABMS, contact:

Dona Nolasco-Felipe

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