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Adding Missing Past Fellows

If there are missing doctors from your list of past fellows, please follow these steps to add them:

Department of Surgery Faculty  

  1. Locate the Bio in the Umbraco Tree in the Division Folder
  2. In the clinical fellowship tab, add the fellowship name and years
  3. Point the Biography to the Past Fellows Folder on your website (see this section below)

Other Institution

Locate the Doctor

  1. Do a Google Search for the Doctor
    1. Find the URL to the current location and copy the link the for later use
    2. This page will usually contain a suitable headshot. Save that image to your desktop.

Import the Photo to the Media Library

  1. Crop and resize the photo to 144px X 192px - see instructions
  2. Upload the image to the Umbraco media library in the Headshots - Residents & Clinical Fellows -> [Your Fellowship Folder] -> "Archived" fellows subfolder.

Submit External Bio

  1. Submit an external bio form at the web support portal. This form will post to the Biographies Folder in the Umbarco Tree in the general "In Process folder" (not to the Clinical Fellows In process folder).

Update the Bio in Umbraco

  1. The form will automatically display the first tab: Name/Titles/Bio Image/Contact Info. Check the Box “No Longer at UCSF”
  2. In the "Link to External Website", add the URL (link) to the current location of the doctor
  3. For the "144 Pixel Image", click the Choose button, navigate to the fellow's image in the media library, choose it and click OK
  4. In the fellowship tab, add the fellowship years AND check the Graduated box

Add a Pointer to Your Past Fellows Folder

  1. Click the "Where to Display Tab" in the Bio. Using the "Sites to Display Full Bio" control, locate the past fellows folder where you want the clinical fellow bio to appear. Ensure the folder is a yellow folder with a blue icon within it.
  2.  Click on it.

    Past Fellows Folder
  3. This will create a reference in the left hand side of the control.
  4. PUBLISH the bio

Move the Bio to the  Fellows Folder

  1. You will now move the Bio from the In Process folder to the Fellow.
    1. Right click the file (also called a document) in the Umbraco tree.
    2. Choose move.
    3. A dialog box will appear: "Select where the document [name of your bio] should be moved to below." Always READ the confirmation message in the dialog box to ensure you are moving the right file.
    4. Navigate to the applicable subfolder of the Biographies -> Clinical Fellows -> _Graduated [your fellowship subfolder] in the Umbraco tree and Press OK.

      Graduated Clinica Fellows

    5. Confirm the file was moved. If you don't see it in the destination folder, Right Click on the Folder and select "Reload Nodes" 

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