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Adding New Clinical Fellows

Note: This pertains to clinical fellows who are new to UCSF. For UCSF residents who are staying on as clinical fellows, other instructions apply.

Crop/Resize and Import the Photo

  1. Obtain a suitable photo and resize/crop as needed - see instructions
  2. Upload the image to the Umbraco media library in the Headshots - Residents & Clinical Fellows -> Clinical Fellows folder.

UCSF Profiles Info

  1. Obtain the UCSF Profiles Website Username
    1. All clinical fellows are assigned a UCSF Profile username, usually available 7-10 days after their start date. Example (username in red):

  2. Obtain the Publication Author Name(s)

    1. We need to know how PubMed lists the fellow as an author on publications. Example: Jones R or Jones RN (check CV of fellow)

Submit the Form at Web Support

  1. Submit the Clinical Fellows Bio Form. This creates an entry in Umbraco with some of the info you have entered on the form. 

Enter Information in Umbraco

  1. In Umbraco, locate the bio in the Biographies - _Clinical Fellows - _In Process Folder
  2. Move the bio from the _In Process folder to the correct Fellowship Folder, ex. Abdominal Transplant
  3. The form will automatically display the first tab: Name/Titles/Bio Image/Contact Info.
    1. For "Biography Type", ensure that the following boxes are checked: "Clinical Fellow" and 

      "New Bio Type" 

    2. 144 Pixel Image - Click the choose button, navigate to the correct folder in the media library (see 2. above) and choose the image filename for the fellow.
    3. "Academic and/or Working Titles" - Use the following format that is prescribed by the education office.  User Shift-Enter to separate lines (not Enter)

      Clinical Fellow (PGY-7)
      [Name of Fellowship Speciality] ex. Abdominal Transplant Surgery

      Ensure that the title is consistent w/the title for other fellows listed on your site.

    4. Contact Info - add a link to the email address for the fellow.
      1. type the email address (if not already there)
      2. select and copy the text
      3. click the insert link button in the toolbar
      4. type "mailto:" and then the email address into the insert link dialog box. ex: mailto:[email protected]
      5. click insert
  4. Click the Clinical Fellowships Tab and enter the following:
    1. Fellowship Name (without the word fellowship)
    2. Start year and End year.
  5. Click the UCSF Profiles Tab and verify the UCSF Profiles Username and authorname(s) were transferred from the form.

Point the Biography to the Resident Portal and Local Website(s)

  1. Click the "Where to Display Tab" in Umbraco. Using the "Sites to Display Full Bio" control select the websites where the clinical fellow bio will appear:
    1. Resident Portal

      Sites For Clinical Fellows - Resident Portal
    2. Division and/or Program Website(s) (Education and Training Tab) or Standalone Fellowship Website
      1. Folder is named "Current Fellows" and the icon is a yellow folder with a blue icon within it
        Current Fellows Folder
  2. PUBLISH the bio using the toolbar Save and Publish button
  3. Check the website to ensure the person has been added.

Move the Bio to the Current Fellows Folder

  1. You will now move the Bio from the In Process folder to the Fellow.
    1. Right click the file (also called a document) in the Umbraco tree.
    2. Choose move.
    3. A dialog box will appear: "Select where the document [name of your bio] should be moved to below." Always READ the confirmation message in the dialog box to ensure you are moving the right file.
    4. Navigate to the applicable subfolder of the Biographies -> Clinical Fellows -> [your fellowship subfolder] in the Umbraco tree and Press OK.
    5. Confirm the file was moved. If you don't see it in the destination folder, Right Click on the Folder and select "Reload Nodes" 

Send Email to Fellow

  1. Send out form email to clinical fellow cc: [email protected]

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