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Required Maintenance for List of Past Fellows


The University requires that links on our websites are valid (not broken). When doctors move to a new location, the link to the current location may not longer be valid and return a 404 error. If you wish to maintain links to external websites for past fellows,  you should run a link checker at least once a year on the page.

Link Checker to Fix Broken Links

Click here for Instructions to run the link checker.

Updating Photo Headshots

This is optional. If you want to update a person's photo, do the following:

  1. Locate an updated image for the doctor using a Google search
  2. Create a 144px X 192px image
  3. Locate the doctor's headshot image in the media library in the Headshots: Clinical Fellows Folder
  4. Click the choose button and upload the new image. It will replace the old one.

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