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Banners Slideshow Images

Requirements for Banner Slideshow Images

1. Image must be high resolution: 2500-3000 px wide.

2. This image can be cropped to a 2.5 to 1 aspect ratio. That is the width is 2.5 times the
size of the height. (Images with taller aspect ratios, eg. 16:9 are OK if they have non-essential information above and below the image that can be cropped out.

4. Final images will be 2260 px wide by 908 px tall. 

Image with Valid Aspect Ratios

Nijigal Lab
<br> This image has an aspect ratio of 2.5 to 1; that is 2.5 times wider than it is tall. The original image was taller, but had areas that could be cropped from the top and bottom without detracting from the displayed image

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