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Creating a 144 x 192 px Bio Image


  • To create a 144px wide by 192 px tall photo for the website, either for a new bio or to update a bio.
  • To import the photo to the Media Library in Umbraco and attach to the person’s bio (discussed in future update)

How to Accomplish

  • Mac – Preview, the default application for quick edits to photos. This is very straightforward
  • PC – Photos App built into Windows will allow you to crop and resize. Another option is Microsoft Picture Manger, a legacy app that no longer ships with Office, but can be downloaded at Picture manager is a bit easier to use, but if you use the highlighted features of the Photos app you can so easily this.


  1. Crop any excess background (image at left below) at the top of the photo so the head of the subject appears as shown below (image on the right).

    Before And After 144 Bio Images
  2. After any necessary crop, set the height of the photo to 192 px.  Keep the same aspect ratio which is the default so the width automatically resizes. This will usually widen the photo beyond 144 px.
  3. Crop the width of the photo to 144 px. You will need to crop it from both sides to maintain a balanced image.
  4. Infrequent: If setting the height in step 2 causes the width to be narrower than 144px, then set the width to 144px, again while keeping the aspect ratio, and crop the height to 192 px.
  5. Once you finish, verify the dimension of the photo are 144w x 192h and important into the media library in Umbraco.
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