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Design specs for website redesign

Hero carousel, news story, faculty spotlight, and patient story feature images should leave the bottom 1/3 clear for heading overlap.
There aren't any other restrictions on composition in other areas. Ideal sizes (all 2x pixel density):
Nav megamenu: 1:1, 564x564
Home hero: 21:9, 2880x1136
Interior hero: 3:2, 1524x1017
Hero carousel: 16:9, 2640x1485
Patient Story: 16:9, 2192x1232
Faculty CTA: 1:1, 852x852 large, 406x406 small
Faculty Spotlight and Large CTA: 16:9, 1746x982
News Feature: 3:2, 1746x1166
CTA row: 1:1, 496x496
Card: 3:2, 630x420

Guidelines to fit in the new full-width bio hero, using Dr. Sosa's pic as a reference:
  • Cropped to 21:9 aspect ratio, minimum 2640px x 1132px
  • Subject in the right half, left half empty background
  • Subject framed from upper chest to above the top of the head, both shoulders fully visible
  • Light, simple background. No dark or noisy elements like furniture or foliage in the left half.
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