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Colin Fahrion

Colin Fahrion

  • Digital Communications Specialist
  • UCSF Fetal Treatment Center & Pediatric Surgery

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Colin Fahrion is the Design Director for the UCSF Department of Surgery, as well as the Web Manager for UCSF Pediatric Surgery, Fetal Treatment Center, and UCSF Neonatology. He is responsible for overseeing the design and front-end development of the Department of Surgery group of sites. His work for the Pediatric Surgery, Fetal Treatment, and Neonatology involves developing their websites as well as their overall online presence and outreach including social media, patient education ebooks, and video. 

Colin Fahrion has a wide range of skills including user experience, information architecture, online brand strategy, and web development which he has developed over his several years working in the web since the mid 90s. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1996 with a BFA in Illustration. Not satisfied with illustration as a career, he taught himself web development and design — in 1996, he was the first person at the Cleveland Institute of Art to show his thesis project as a web page. Since those early days, he's continued this autodidactic process — always striving to learn new skills as the web matured and shifted from HTML 2.0 tables to CSS to content management systems to HTML5, CSS3, and mobile responsive design. Colin Fahrion also continues to refine his user design expertise and uses his illustration skills to produce medical illustrations for use on the web and video. 

Outside of work, Colin Fahrion is and avid cyclist, gamer, and artists. Since moving to the Bay Area has been involved with a number of artistic endeavors including organizing small to large scale group participatory art projects. He is currently on the board of directors for the San Francisco Institute of Possibility whose purpose is to help make amazing art happen in the Bay Area.


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